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"Eadu has its own kind of beauty, if you disregard the discomfort," Galen says, sitting on a rock near the top of the ridge they had been climbing.

The top is pointy and wind-tossed and not for sitting.

The ridge is high, and you can see far when it's not actively raining, which it isn't now; you can see the Imperial facilities dotted over a mountainside, you can see gorges and small rivers and even the ledge where Bodhi crashed his old ship, now mostly dismantled by droids.

"If we sit here at planetfall, I think we can see a sliver of the sun before it, too, vanishes," he says.
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Climbing down is often more difficult and dangerous than going up; you follow gravity, but not too much. Too much would be deadly.

In the morning, Bodhi and Galen had started out with Bodhi's personal possessions in backpacks, and the most valuable and important cargo on anti-gravity floaters. Much of the way, they had been reppelling down ropes.

Now, they are taking a break in sight of the base, but still quite far away.

"We should do something about rope burns," Galen says.
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There was pretty little that Galen had been allowed to keep from his former life. Sometimes, he suspected Krennic had only let him keep a few things so he'd always know what he had lost -- and what was at stake. Looking at the little white stormtrooper figure that had been Jyn's, he could never fail to remember that she was out there, and as long as Galen did as instructed, Krennic wouldn't go after her.

Galen was sitting in his room, work done, listening to some music (a luxury that officers' quarters afforded him) with the little stormtrooper in his hand. Everything had to be so big with empire -- a huge Death Star, large empty corridors, entirely superfluous dark towers, millions of people dying on a whim, entire species wiped out when it suited on of the higher-ups.

Compared to that, he himself, or Jyn, or Bodhi, really were mere pebbles in a stream. But Galen knew that a pebble, thrown right, could make dark towers fall. And that, he suspected, was what the Force was using him and his for. But it also meant that being close to him was an invitation for tragedy.

He had been greedy and selfish, grasping for his new love like a child with a new toy, and now Bodhi was already in it, and suffering, body and soul. Or was it that Bodhi was in it already, and then tossed at him almost casually?

Galen didn't like either version, but that was what he had to work with.


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